About Hadid Sanat

Hadid Sanat Co. has been successful in gaining technical know-how in the field of producing Tundish Insulating Sheets (GARNEX) in order to expand its scope after years of research and effort.

Advantages of using Tandish Hadid Industries

  • Economical versus Tandish coating weight up to 50%
  • The layout of the pages is simple and easy to use without the use of skilled and technical people
  • Be cool
  • Remove pre-heaters that reduce energy consumption
  • Use less manpower
  • Use fewer Tandish
  • Increase Tandish Life
  • Reduced thermal dissipation through the walls
  • Melting more homogeneously and uniformly in the tandem
  • Avoid body scum in melt
  • The environment and mantle openings are clean
  • Melting becomes more fluid in the Tandish
  • The plates absorb less heat, making the casting smoother
  • Improve the quality of ingot production
  • Failure to melt
  • Reduce the use of oxygen lance tubes
  • Increase the number of simultaneously cast melting
  • The Tandish temperature drop in the Garnes system is minimized during casting
  • The lifetime of the bricks in the safety layer is higher in this way, resulting in less refractory and refractory consumption
  • Reducing the repair steps of the safety layer (mass or bricks)
  • The higher efficiency is due to the absence of a skull (if formed very low), which will prevent the production of waste.
  • Low thermal conductivity (higher insulator) and melt temperature rarely reduced, resulting in easier casting without waste